Black Folk. They Are Really Loud

Now, before you scream racism, don’t worry. I have rant articles for ALL the races. Blacks, whites, Asians and even Oceanian, that race few have ever seen, because they only exist in the country of Oceania.

So now seriously. Black people. They are loud. Like really loud. There’s whispering. There’s talking. There’s shouting. There’s lawnmowers. And then there’s black people. Damn.

The worst part is that frequently it’s about something stereotypically black and/or associated with the lower class. Oh, that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that it’s frequently structured in the black vernacular English (Ebonics). “OOOOHHHHH SHE NASTY!” instead of, “Wow that’s gross,” or something like that. I’m certain blacks don’t like to be stereotyped as retarded, so not speaking in Ebonics would be a good start. Then what follows is an incredibly loud (but joyous) laugh. Glass shattering. Earplug necessitating. Laugh.

This one was pretty short. I’m not racist. Or am I? No, I’m not. Because this only pertains to uneducated black folk. I left out uneducated in the title just to make it sound more exciting and edgy.



About tomrants

I'm Tom. Is it my real name? Who knows. Probably not. This is where I vent and rant about stuff that pisses me off.
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