Soldiers Are Whores

Seriously. They are. Think about it.

Ladies of the night get paid for sex. They are called whores or prostitutes. Men of the day get paid to kill people. They are called soldiers or troops. I’m not sure which is more embarrassing and all around revolting.

In much the same way it makes no sense that prostitution can be illegal while making a porno is legal (getting paid to have sex? You’re going to jail. Getting paid to have sex and make a movie? A OK), it makes no sense that individuals who take pay to kill someone (contract killing) is illegal, but when performed on a mass scale, it is completely, A OK LEGAL! How the fuck does this make sense? How is it that in this modern day and age we resort to such barbarous techniques? Physical combat and fighting is what wild dogs or chimpanzees do. Not people.

Pay one guy to take someone else out? That’s an illegal contract killing. You’re both going to jail. Pay tens of thousands of people to bomb, shoot up and invade another country? Totally legal. Just make up some shitty excuse like spreading democracy or searching for weapons of mass destruction.

Using this same logic, I could totally break into a neighbor’s house because I THINK he has weapons that could be used against me. But that’s totally illegal, and I would go to jail.

Soldiers really are dumb whores. Seriously. The most unbelievable part is that many of them are CHRISTIANS! There’s those pesky Christians again. I’m pretty damn sure it talks about not killing people in the Bible. So how can you be a soldier and a Christian? Sense? There is none.


About tomrants

I'm Tom. Is it my real name? Who knows. Probably not. This is where I vent and rant about stuff that pisses me off.
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