Jesus Hates PayPal

Don’t want to read my rant? Skip to the bottom then.

I receive a payment, and right off the bat, PayPal shows an alert saying they need to verify it due to potential suspicious activity. Soon after, the payment goes through to me. Logic states that if it went through, then it’s been verified, right? Nope! Not in the retarded world of PayPal. The payment is soon reversed after I’ve received it, minus about $9 in reversal fees. I had $0 in my account, so then PayPal automatically reverses a $500+ transfer to my bank account just so it can cover a -$9 account balance due to the payment they authorized and then reversed. (Funny aside, if your account balance is exactly -$0.01 and no more for the first time, PayPal will automatically email you saying how they’ve “generously” covered the balance and that they appreciate your business. Scumbagging 101).
What bull**bleep**.



PayPal intentionally allows payments they flag as fraudulent to go through and get reversed at the recipient’s expense so that they can profit from reversal fees. Crap like this is why I tend to steer people away from PayPal whenever possible.

Basically, imagine you’re walking down the street, and you get raped by a gay man. Just when you think the worst is over, someone from across the street shouts, “Oh fuck man! You just got raped by Pozzy Patrick! He’s well known ’round these parts and he’s got the HIV bro!”



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I'm Tom. Is it my real name? Who knows. Probably not. This is where I vent and rant about stuff that pisses me off.
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